Infant Chiropractic Care

So you made it through the pregnancy and delivery, you’re torn between being exhausted and overjoyed. Many times, exhaustion overtakes the joy, for a few reasons:

  • Natural births are stressful, both physically and mentally
  • Breastfeeding isn’t as easy as the movies make it out to be
  • Immune systems are down, and illness is a very real possibility

Chiropractic can help remedy all three of these situations.

Chiropractic can:

  • Relieve the stress on Mom and Baby’s spine that undoubtedly occurred during birth. Once the physical stress is relieved, the mental stress will be as well.
  • Improve all necessary functions that will help Baby turn its head easily when time for eating. It will also help Mom maintain her energy and keep her feeling her best during the next few busy months.
  • Correct stressed spines and misalignment – two huge factors that play a role in illness and disease – that occur during the birthing process. Once the spine is in alignment, the immune system will begin operating at its fullest capacity—a must for a newborn and his/her Mom.
  • As an added bonus, infant adjustments can help to relive issues such as colic, irritable baby syndrome, asthma, behavioral and focus problems, digestive problems and bed-wetting or sleep issues.

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